Getting Rid of Headaches with Acupressure

Headaches aren’t always convenient. They don’t wait for the weekends. No, they occur, seemingly at random (more on this in another article), and are a constant drag on the quality of your day.

It’s very hard to have a fulfilling and productive day when you’re suffering from an intense headache. And even in the best of cases, when the headache isn’t causing your skull to throb, it’s still there.

Headaches are a result of many different causes. As a result, it’s best to know several different ways to treat one. That way, as soon as you find yourself with a headache, instead of diagnosing what caused it, you can treat it very quickly.

Of course, it’s very important to know what caused it eventually, as that will help you prevent future headaches. Regardless of the preventative measures you take, though, you will likely get a headache sometime, so it’s good to have a few quick remedies on hand in this type of scenario.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is one of the best headache remedies there is. Why? Because you can do it at any time and at any place. Best of all, you don’t need anything but your body to use this remedy.

And it’s very probably that if you have a headache, you also have a body (now we’re just being funny).

Acupressure stems from ancient Chinese health and wellness techniques. You’ve probably heard of acupuncture. Acupressure is similar, except instead of using needles, you simply apply pressure with your hands and fingers.

Now, there are many different acupressure “hot spots” on your body. The key is to find the ones that will help relieve your headache. Fortunately for you, we’ve done the research and testing. Here are the top acupressure locations:

1) Top of Nose and Back of Skull – Step one, take one of your thumbs and place it on your forehead, right where the top of your nose is. Step two, take your other thumb and move it to the back of your skull, right where the skull begins to curve downward and gets softer. Your thumbs should be fairly level. Now apply firm pressure for 10 seconds, then release the pressure slowly for a count of 10.

2) Hand Acupressure – Locate the area between your thumb and pointer finger. Now take your other hand and squeeze this area. You should feel some mild discomfort. Continue doing this for five minutes, then release.

3) Top of Eye Socket – Feel the top of your eye socket, right below the eyebrow. Locate a ridge in the skull that, when pressed, is fairly painful. Once located, press this ridge for 10 seconds, then release.

Any of these three acupressure techniques will likely provide relief to your headache within minutes. This is perfect for a headache that comes on at the most inconvenient of times. No matter how inconvenient a situation is, there’s never a time you won’t be able to apply slight pressure to your hand, eye or skull.

Give these methods a shot!

Natural Headache Remedies

Headaches are viewed as a minor health issue. They’re (usually) temporary. Yes, they hurt but they go away eventually.

Of course, it’s very hard to share this mindset when you’re in the middle of a fierce headache. It’s consuming. It’s not something you can just “stop concentrating on.” And therein lies the problem. The more you concentrate on a headache, the more it seems to hurt, causing you to concentrate on it more.

This can lead to splitting headaches that are extremely debilitating. This is especially true if you get one at work. Have a job that requires a lot of concentration? Good luck performing well with a headache!

And since it’s such a “minor” condition, most people will offer minor sympathy and expect you to go about your day as normal.

For this reason, it’s vitally important you know how to treat headaches once they’ve already occurred. Sure, the best headache remedy is prevention, but that’s not always possible.

When you get a headache, chances are you head to the medicine cabinet – advil or aspirin, here we come! But these remedies are—at best—temporary. Worse still, if you get relief from a pain killer, you may have to take more the next time to get a similar relief.

What’s the solution? Natural remedies. These remedies work very quickly and are also beneficial to your health, unlike continually taking over-the-counter pain killers. In this article, we’ll be discussing a few of the most effective natural headache remedies. Then the next time you’re wondering, “how do I get rid of headaches?” you’ll know!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is—hands down—one of the most effective natural health remedies there is. It helps with a wide variety of conditions, ranging from headaches to high blood pressure. So it’s not a bad thing to include in your daily routine.

Apple cider vinegar is also a quick and effective way to deal with a headache. As soon as it starts to come on, pour yourself a glass of 1-2 tablespoons of ACV, then fill the rest up with water.

I know, I know… not the most delicious drink in the world. But you might think it is after you see what it can do for your headache!

Also, an important note: not all apple cider vinegars are created equally. You want organic ACV. Organic apple cider vinegar has what’s called “the mother” in it. This is an enzyme that is naturally occurring as a result of the fermentation process. In name brand vinegars like Heinz, this enzyme is removed, which is a shame as it’s one of the healthiest parts of vinegar!

No ACV on hand? Try eating an apple. While it might not be as effective or fast acting, it can certainly help relieve your headache in a pinch. Plus it tastes a whole lot better than a tall glass of vinegar!

Cayenne Pepper

Another great natural remedy is cayenne pepper tea. When you have a headache, mix some cayenne pepper with hot water. Stir, add some honey to taste and drink up!

Yes, cayenne pepper tea is probably not a recipe you’ll be adding to your social drinks list, but it gets the job done! And, as an added benefit, cayenne pepper is also a “one-size-fits-all” natural remedy. Like ACV, taking cayenne pepper regularly can do all sorts of wonders for your health.

So next time you have a headache, instead of reaching for an over-the-counter pill, try one of these natural remedies first. They work just as quickly and, when used consistently, can also act to prevent headaches in the first place – something neither advil or aspirin do!

What Causes Reoccurring Headaches?

Reoccurring headaches – talk about stress! I used to never get headaches unless I was traveling. But then I’d take a plane somewhere, stay for a week and have a MASSIVE headache the entire time.

This was the first time I got a real taste of what it might be like to have chronic headaches. And in case you haven’t experienced them (which is unlikely, given you’ve landed on this site), let me tell you – they’re nothing to shake a stick at.

Funny how we view headaches as a “minor” health issue. That’s probably because they’re usually temporary. But when they’re consistent, they seriously effect the overall quality of life. It’s hard to enjoy your time when your head feels like it’s going to explode.

On this website, we’ve covered a few quick remedies that can help you out in a pinch. These include natural remedies and quick ‘n easy acupressure techniques. But with headaches, the name of the game is prevention. Although these natural remedies work, it’s better to not have the headache in the first place.

Unfortunately, due to the hectic lifestyle most of us lead, headaches are almost a natural side effect. Therefore, it’s important to understand what can cause a headache, then try and cut that out of your life. Doing so will dramatically decrease the odds that you’ll get a headache in the future.

Stress and Tension

Ahh, first world living. Where our only problems are ourselves. We’ve taken all “predators” out of the equation, but our mind needs something to latch on. So we stress out about our daily lives. And with the amount we work—and the types of jobs we’re working—it’s no wonder most people living in countries like America have a significant amount of stress.

Stress causes headaches. And once you have a headache, it makes it worse! Think of this – you’re working on an important project. All of a sudden you get a headache. “Uh oh,” you think, “now is NOT the time to be getting a headache, I have this project due!”

Wish granted! Your headache has now doubled in intensity. It’s a vicious cycle. If you think about your headache, it gets worse. But since it’s causing you pain, it’s very difficult to just ignore it.

When this happens, listen to your body. In many cases, headaches are caused by tension. With your mind, examine your muscles. Are you tensing up in your shoulders? How’s your neck looking? Are you sitting up straight and relaxed? Are you breathing through your nose?

Realize that stress is not helping you get your work done or helping you get rid of your headache. So relax. Whatever task is at hand you’ll get done, trust me. Just relax, breathe deeply and focus on what’s in front of you.

Alcohol Consumption

Hangover. The very word is likely to spawn a headache straight from the bowels of hell. If you suffer from consistent headaches and also drink a significant amount of alcohol, we may have just diagnosed the problem.

Of course, alcohol is great for relaxation, but it can come back to bite you. Therefore, assess the quality of your life. Is alcohol providing more of a benefit than the headaches are taking away? If so, continue consuming the amount of alcohol you are! However, if headaches caused by alcohol are seriously debilitating, it might be time to put the drink down. Easier said than done, but it will be worth it.


Yet another drug that helps us get through the daily grind. And it’s yet another drug that can cause some serious headaches. Often times, this is as a result of withdrawal. If you don’t get that cup of coffee in the morning, you’ll have a massive headache. But caffeine can also cause that headache in the first place, so it’s almost a no-win situation.

You may need caffeine to function in the morning. We understand. But once again, assess the risk to reward ratio. Is caffeine improving the quality of your life or taking away from it. And, are there other options out there?

These are three “biggies.” Most people drink alcohol. Most people consume caffeine. Most people have stress and tension in their lives. Is it any wonder why most people also suffer from headaches?

Taking a Proactive Approach to Headache Cures

Treatment is great. Prevention is better. But what’s best is the ability to proactively prevent headaches. On this site, we’ve listed some basic reasons why headaches occur. And we’ve also listed some great treatments that can really get you out of a pinch. But we haven’t covered everything.

That’s because it’s virtually impossible to cover every conceivable reason why a headache would occur.

That’s why you need to understand how to take control. By being proactive, you’ll be able to self-diagnose what’s causing your headaches. After you do that, you can take action and ensure the headaches won’t come back.

So how do you be proactive? Well, basic scientific method! When you have a headache, ask yourself the following question: what have I done today that may have led to a headache?

Maybe you have an important project due. That’s a red flag – your headache may be caused by stress. Okay, jot it down. Maybe you drank some coffee this morning without eating breakfast. Bam, another flag. Maybe you drank a little too much last night. Bam, red flag.

Sometimes, the reasons can be a bit more subtle. Maybe you ate something that disagreed with you. Maybe you ate some oranges the night before and now you have a headache. It’s now time to test those red flags.

Let’s say you think the oranges caused your headaches (yes, citrus can often be a culprit). So now you keep your routine the exact same but you cut out the oranges. In the morning, you still drink your coffee. You still have that project due. But you don’t eat oranges.

Do you have a headache? If so, it’s very likely the oranges didn’t cause it. Now do the same thing, but this time with the coffee. Yes, with coffee it’s more difficult, as stopping a coffee routine can cause withdrawals. However, coffee is also a major reason why headaches are so common. Therefore, you have to ask yourself if coffee is benefiting you more than it’s taking away.

If it’s hurting you more than helping, you might want to look into some cold turkey.

As you can see, this system is very easy and can become a part of your daily routine. It goes like this:

1) I have a headache. Okay, what did I do today.
2) I drank one more cup of coffee than usual.
3) That may be the cause, tomorrow, I will subtract that and see the results.

Rinse and repeat. It really is that easy, and when done consistently, you learn how your body reacts to certain conditions. Once you know your body, you’ll know exactly what most commonly causes headaches. As a result, you can avoid those things, dramatically reducing the odds you’ll suffer from headaches again.

We can give you the treatments and suggestions for prevention. But if you really want to cut headaches out from your life altogether, you’ll have to be proactive. And taking a scientific approach is the absolute best way to do this.

Take notes about what’s going on in your life. What’s your diet like? How much alcohol do you drink? Do you smoke cigarettes? Keep notes of all these things and use basic testing to figure out how they are affecting you.

Yes, you can be headache free. But it’s up to you. It’s your choice. Do you really want to be rid of headaches? Are you willing to take the simple steps to take control of your body? If so, the door to health and wellbeing is open to you!